About Charkhas

Why charkhas?

I bought my first charkha in December, 2003.  I had been spinning for about
10 years and always thought the charkha looked cool.  What I discovered is
that the charkha was a lot cooler than I had thought, with the skein winder
built in, it is a portable spinning studio.  I love having a spinning wheel I can
take just about anywhere.
What can you spin on a charkha?

Traditionally, a charkha is used to spin cotton and silk, but I have found that
pretty much any fiber can be spun on a charkha.  I have spun cotton, silk,
wool, man made fibers and exotics on my book charkha, and my upright
charkha can spin just about anything a traditional wheel can spin.  The major
hurdles are, it is difficult to ply yarn or spin anything very bulky on a
Other questions?

I set up this website to share information on charkhas, fibers, or spinning in
general.  I hope to keep adding to this website as I learn more or as more
information is requested.  If you have any questions, please email me at
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