Lyocell (modern rayon) is made from wood pulp.  It adds softness, silkiness and
strength to other fibers.  Ramie is a bast fiber (like linen).
Tencel is a brand name of Lyocell.  
This fiber is shiny and silky and
very pretty.  It spins well by itself
but also would be great blended.
Dreamland is a blend of cotton
and lyocell.  It is very easy to
spin and a good beginner fiber.  
Plus it is very soft, shiny and
pretty!  I have nothing bad to say
about this blend, its name is very
Ramie, also called China Grass, is
another fiber that has been used
for centuries.  It spins well, but
does have a bit of brittleness, like
flax or hemp, but not to the same
Lyocell and Ramie